Dedicated Hosting

dedicated hostingDedicated hosting services are the fastest, most powerful, and most expensive packages in the industry. Suited for large online business websites or other sites that generate a high amount of traffic, these companies offer the best in dedicated hosting.

RankWeb HostingPriceFeaturesReview
1$125.00Dual Core Processor, 4GB Memory
1TB Disk Space, 10TB Bandwidth
2$119.99Dual Core Processor, 2GB Memory
320GB Disk Space, 4TB Bandwidth
3$174.00Dual core Processor, 4GB Memory
500GB Disk Space, 10TB Bandwidth
4$189.00Quad Core Processor, 8GB Memory
2TB Disk Space, 5TB Bandwidth

Why Choose Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated servers are for websites that have a high amount of traffic or a high amount of multimedia content stored. If you need dedicated hosting that means you’ve got a very successful website and need to ensure that it is stable and running for your visitors all the time. This may require a team of administrators but it’s well worth it if you’re marketing your website properly.

What you need to know about dedicated hosting

Much like VPS hosting, if you choose a dedicated server then you are going to be your own administrator. You are in charge of making sure your server is running properly, is secure, has all updates, and everything else. Of course, you can choose managed service if you’d like a company employee to do this for you, but it will cost you more. If your website is a big money maker, you will want to get a managed dedicated service so that an experienced administrator is watching over your server.

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