UltraHosting Review

UltraHosting Review Overview

ultrahosting reviewUltraHosting has been serving the IT industry for over 25 years. In that time they have become one of the largest VPS and dedicated hosting companies in the world. With over 70,000 square feet of data center buildings, they house thousands of servers for hundreds of thousands of customers.

UltraHosting offers a wide range of virtual private solutions to fill the needs of a wide variety of customers. Offering 6 options for linux VPS hosting alone, UltraHosting has been providing top level services to a large clientbase for years. With a host of included features as well as several additional options available, they have all the options anybody would need in a VPS host.

UltraHosting Review of Support

All of UltraHosting’s plans come with 24/7 support included. They offer support by way of phone, live chat, and online support center. Their support team is incredibly knowledgable, many of whom have obtained various Unix, Linux, and Microsoft certifications. Called their “UltraSupport”, their talented staff is always ready to help with customer needs.

UltraHosting Review of Control Panel

UltraHosting offers 2 control panel options, the latest versions of cPanel and Plesk. Two of the most popular control panels on the market today, they are easy to navigate and learn quickly. Their interfaces are simple and straightforward, and run quickly and efficiently.

InMotion VPS Review

Inmotion VPS Review Overview

inmotion vps reviewSince Inmotion’s inception in 2001 they have operated behind the idea of understanding business, not just e-business. They back this by offering fast, reliable web hosting solutions. Their employees average over 4 years of hosting experience each, meaning the company as a whole is extemely knowledgeable about the industry.

Inmotion’s virtual private hosting is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry. Although a bit pricier, customers get a lot of bang for their buck. With a host of included features, Inmotion customers will have no trouble getting the most out of a VPS account. A perfect solution for business and e-commerce websites, Inmotion offers one of the best all around packages out there.

InMotion VPS Support

Inmotion offers 24/7 support via toll free phone, online chat, and email ticket system. They also have an extensive support section on their website. Included are video tutorials, user guides, a getting started guide, as well as a support forum and knowledge base. The wealth of information that can be accessed on their site is unmatched by any other hosting provider.

InMotion VPS Control Panel

Inmotion offers the industry leading cPanel control panel. With it’s snappy response and library of features it is by far and away the best control panel on the market today. No other hosting control panel can match what cPanel has to offer in the way of ease of use or responsiveness.

VPSDepot Review

VPSDepot Review Overview

vpsdepot_screenVPSDepot has been offering the best in reliable, budget virtual services since 2008. Their continued goal is to provide world class virtual private hosting at the most competitive prices on the market. This business plan has allowed VPSDepot to grow into a top VPS option, hosting thousands of business, professional, and personal websites.

VPSDepot has the most cost-effective packages in the virtual private market. They offer packages competitive to other companies, but they offer them at a more reasonable price. This in no way hinders their service. Server response time was snappy and with the optional cPanel and WHM package, the service was a breeze to navigate. Their ability to offer great services at a great price is why they are regarded as one of the best VPS options out there.

VPSDepot Review of Support

VPSDepot offers 24/7 support via phone, live chat, and e-mail ticket system. Their support is very knowledgable and can help quite a bit with the initial stages of the VPS. With so many options, it is comforting to have top-tier support available at any time to sort through getting the server up and running properly.

VPSDepot Control Panel

Perhaps the best part about VPSDepot’s packages is that they all include cPanel and WHM to manage your virtual private server. These tools make it simple to create, manage, and maintain hosting accounts, as well as manage every other aspect of your virtual private server. Of course, if for some reason you choose not to use cPanel, VPSDepot can deploy a virtual private server with no control panel installed so that you can use your own.

To read more about VPSDepot, please visit VPSDepot.com

SuperGreen Review

SuperGreen Review Overview

supergreen reviewSuper Green Hosting offers 100% carbon neutral friendly hosting at prices that are competitive to most other hosting companies in the industry. With an emphasis on reducing their carbon emissions and increaseing their energy efficiency, Super Green is seeking to change the way in which hosting companies run their services.

Super Green offers one shared hosting option with a host of unlimited features included. Also included is free instant activation so customers can get started working with their account right away. Also available is a reseller option for those looking to offer services to others without having to manage their own hardware. Their green hosting is a reliable alternative to other hosting options on the market today.

SuperGreen Review of Support

Super Green Hosting offers support 24/7 via phone, live chat, and email. They also offer a support center on their website with hosting related articles and video tutorials to help customers in the initial stages of their hosting. Their support is adequate with short wait times so customers can get the support they need in a timely manner.

SuperGreen Review of Green Energy

Many hosting companies are just getting into the idea of going green or offering green alternatives. The team at Super Green Hosting has emphasized the use of green energy from the start. Being one of the first green hosts in the industry, they continue to provide one of the greenest services available.

SuperGreen Review of Control Panel

Super Green Hosting offers the industry standard and industry leading cPanel control panel. cPanel is widely known throughout the hosting community as being the only control panel to use for its extensive feature list and incredible ease of use. Customers can feel comfortable knowing they will have the best cPanel in the industry.

HostMonster Review

HostMonster Review Overview

hostmonster reviewHostmonster has been providing top quality hosting since 1996. They have grown to host over 1.5 million websites in that time. They’ve been able to thrive by offering customers hosting with high quality equipment, functional administrative tools, guaranteed uptime, all with honest business practices and customer service.

Hostmonster offers one shared hosting solution with all the standard features of a shared hosting account. Along with all the unlimited features expected, Hostmonster also includes a library of popular scripts available for installation through the control panel. They also offer a professional package at a cost which makes available to customers more server resources, increased security, and a host of other upgrades.

HostMonster Review of Support

As is expected from any top tier hosting company, Hostmonster offers 24/7 U.S. based support by way of toll free phone, online chat, or e-mail. They also provide an extensive online help center located on their website which includes a knowledgebase, a user forum, getting started video tutorials, as well as a support ticket system.

HostMonster Review of Ease of Use

Rather than offer an abundance of hosting options that often leave customers scratching their heads, Hostmonster offers one hosting package in an effort to keep things simple. This makes it much easier for customers, especially those new to web hosting, to understand what it is they are purchasing and what they can expect out of their hosting accounts.

HostMonster Review of Control Panel

Hostmonster offers the industry standard cPanel control panel. They include the full feature list and have also added in the SimpleScripts installer. This option allows customers to quickly and effortlessly install a wide veriety of popular scripts. cPanel’s user friendlyness and feature list is unmatched by any other control panel in the market.

FatCow Review

FatCow Review Overview

fatcow reviewFatCow was established in 1998 by a group of hosting professionals intent on providing a quality alternative to the typical hosting experience. Trying to avoid overly technical and confusing pricing and packages, FatCow has sought to provide straightforward packages with a friendly approach to customer service. They strive to provide a service that is easy to own and easy to use.

True to their word, FatCow offers one shared hosting package that comes with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email, and a multitude of other features. Paired with a full 30 day money back guarantee, anyone can feel comofrotable when signing up with FatCow. They also offer several additional products and features at a cost, such as site backups, SSL certificates, SEO services, and others to provide additional features to anyone who may need them.

FatCow Review of Support

FatCow’s U.S. based “Moo Crew” is available 24/7 via phone, live chat, or e-mail so that you can get support in any way you see fit. They also offer a helpful user guide as well as tutorials to help customers get started with most every aspect of a hosting account. Certain packages come along with a personal support representative. This is especially helpful with more complex issues since you are always talking to the same individual.

FatCow Review of Simplicity

As stated previously, FatCow is intent on providing a service that is simple to use and simple to understand. They do not add features that most people would find unnecessary just to increase their pricing. These features are instead offered as addons in order to keep the prices low for the masses.

FatCow Review of Control Panel

FatCow offers vDeck Control Panel as their hosting control panel for clients. Although it is not as user friendly or intuitive as cPanel, vDeck still gets the job done. It has an integrated site builder with hundreds of templates so you don’t need any HTML experience when creating your website. vDeck allows you to manage websites, email and domain names from one central location.

BlueHost Review

BlueHost Review Overview

bluehost reviewBluehost has been providing web hosting to businesses and individuals since 1996. In that time they have grown to be one of the largest hosting companies globally. They strive to provide outstanding services at an affordable price. By carrying this out they have trown substancially each year, while continuing to upgrade their services at no additional cost to customers.

Bluehost offers one basic hosting package with all the unlimiteds you would expect from any top shared hosting company. There are several upgrades available, including their popular “Pro Package” which is geared toward online businesses and e-commerce websites that need extra security. Of course, their basic hosting package is more than enough for most every personal website or static informational page.

BlueHost Review of Support

With such a large company, Bluehost has to emphasize quality customer service and support. They offer 24/7 toll free support by way of phone, live chat, and e-mail. Having so many customers hosted, we expected extended wait times when contacting support. To our surprise, the wait wasn’t much longer than we got from most other hosts. Customers can feel at ease knowing that Bluehost employs enough people to support its clientele.

BlueHost Review of Business Hosting

Although it is significantly more expensive, Bluehost’s Pro Package is one of the top business and e-commerce plans on the market today. With over $200 worth of extra features, it is truly the all inclusive plan for a business page. It includes more server resources to handle higher traffic, an SSL certificate for secure credit card transactions, a site backup tool, and several other features.

BlueHost Review of Control Panel

As is the case with most other hosts, Bluehost offers the popular cPanel control panel. With it’s slew of features and incredible ease of use, it is a wonder hosting companies would offer anything else. cPanel offers unmatched user friendlyness in a neat package that is unrivaled by any other control panel.

LunarPages review

LunarPages Review Overview

lunarpages reviewLunarpages was founded in 1998 and since then has established itself to be one of the top enterprise level hosting companies in the world. They have grown their client base to over 150,000 customers by providing a wide variety of packages to suit most any client’s needs. Lunarpages is a one stop shop for all hosting options.

From basic shared hosting to dedicated and managed sevice, Lunarpages encompases most every option in the web hosting industry today. Lunarpages offers 5 different shared hosting packages alone. Instead of offering one all inclusive plan, they decided to offer several different options based off the needs of each customer. The sheer number of options is a bit much to take in from the beginning, but after getting settled in to one plan things run more smoothly.

LunarPages Review of Support

Lunarpages does offer U.S. based support, however it is not 24/7 phone support like most other hosting companies. They specify specific hours on their website for when support can be reached. We imagine this would draw customers away from signing up. They do however offer a ticket system, a wiki, and a community forum as other means of support.

Lunarpages Review of Customization

One major positive of offering so many packages is the ability for customers to have a more customized and tailored package, one that suits their needs better. With the option to upgrade or downgrade, there is no circumstance in which a customer’s website can’t find a home with Lunarpages. They every hosting option imaginable in one place.

LunarPages review of Control Panel

Lunarpages offers an online control panel. Although it is not up to par with cPanel as far as ease of use or the abundance of features, it still gets the job done. It includes an array of popular web scripts available for installation for free. Customers will still be able to get a lot of use out of their hosting account with the online control panel.

HostGator Review

HostGator Review Overview

hostgator reviewHostgator is a leading provider of shared, reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans. Founded in 2002, Hostgator has grown to house over 12,000 servers and manage over 400,000 customers. Their incredible growth is due in part to their innovative products and services which are always evolving to include the best technology available.

Hostgator provides a wide variety of hosting packages to try and suit the needs of every customer. They have hosting packages that can support anywhere from personal static pages to fortune 500 company websites. Customers will be hard pressed to find a hosting plan that will not fit their individual needs.

HostGator Review of Support

Hostgator offers 24/7 support via toll free phone, live chat, and e-mail ticket system. The support center on their website is packed full of other useful features, such as a search function, a helpful resources section, and user forums where all the most common support issues are discussed. Wait times are a bit longer than desired due to the large client base, but issues are resolved quickly.

HostGator Review of Technologies

One of the ways Hostgator entices customers is with their top tier technology. They are constantly updating their software and upgrading their hardware to be sure their customers are getting the most out of their hosting accounts. Whether it is a small personal blog or a large business site, all customers enjoy the best technology available with Hostgator.

HostGator Review of Control Panel

Hostgator offers the industry best cPanel control panel. With it’s snappy response and library of features it is by far and away the best control panel on the market today. No other hosting control panel can match what cPanel has to offer in the way of ease of use or responsiveness.

Omnis Review

Omnis Review Overview

omnis reviewOmnis has been a leading member in the web hosting market since 1999. Currently hosting over 400,000 customers, they offer a wide variety of services to suit any need. Founded by a team of proven industry veterans, they strive to provide affordable, enterprise class web hosting services.

Omnis offers an array of cloud based linux and windows hosting options. Their cloud web hosting provides a solid and stable platform for personal and professional users alike. By providing both linux and windows based hosting solutions, Omnis encompases all areas of hosting desired. Their options allow for great flexibility when ordering a hosting account, without sacrificing reliability.

Omnis Review of Support

Based out of California, Omnis technical support is availabe 24/7 by phone, online chat, and email ticket system. They do not outsource any of their support. They have more than enough specialists to ensure that wait times are minimal and all issues are resolved quickly and correctly. Omnis also offers an online knowledgebase that covers the more common issues with web hosting accounts.

Omnis Review of Windows Hosting

Where Omnis truly shines is with their Windows based cloud hosting. An easy nod to top our list of best Windows hosts, they provide a rock solid and reliable platform for any customer who requires ASP or .NET framework. Couple this with their enterprise-class e-mail and any customer will have service capable of hosting a top class business or personal website.

Omnis Review of Control Panel

Althought Omnis does not offer the popular cPanel control panel, they do offer their proprietary control panel that is based off of the cPanel platform. This does not count against them in any way as they were able to take all the great features of cPanel and tailor it to their own hosting packages, meaning everything works very well together.